Ruby-like chippings found scattered on Mudon road

Bo Bo Myint Translated by ST

Red-coloured small stones assumed to be rubies were found scattered on both sides of Mudon-Thanphyuzayat Road in Hneepadaw Village, Mudon Township, Mon State, according to local sources.

"I don't think those stones come from a passing car. If they were thrown away from a car, they would have been on one side of the road but they were scattered on both sides. Some are stuck in the pebbles," said village administrator Kyaw Soe.

He said measures had to be taken to prevent blockage on the road as both local residents and passers-by were collecting those red stones.

"A child happened to collect a red stone and showed it to his mother. Then the mother told her mother about it, and then grandma went outside and collected the red stones. Gradually, people went outside collecting stones in crowds," a local villager said.

Another local resident from Thanpyuzayat said: "Low quality ruby chippings are usually found in Phayathonezu region, Kayin State. I think those stones came off from a truck coming from Phayathonezu. When we got here, some people got their hands on the bigger stones. When I reached there, I could only find those stones that are as small as a grain.”

Some locals said they also found and collected such red stones in September.