Muse mine blast leaves one dead

Tun Nay Hlaing(Naung Paing)
Caption: A wounded woman on the way to hospital (Photo-M-AJ-NTU)


Explosive blasts along Namt Taung village to Pang Sai (Kyukot) route in northern Shan State near the Union Highway on September 19 killed one person and leaving others injured.

One blast occurred on 1:30 pm but no one was wounded then. Another explosion occurred on 3:20 pm nearby the first explosion and wounded two people who were returning from Pang Sai (Kyukot) on a motorbike.

“Among the two wounded, one was dead on the spot and one was sent to Muse Hospital. When going to Pang Sai (Kyukot) from Muse, one will reach Namt Taung village first. The bomb explosion occurred near Namt Taung village,” said a police from Muse Police Station.

“Two explosive mines were triggered on that day near Union Highway, hours apart from each. The latter blast left one woman dead while the other sustained severe injuries,” said M-AJ from Muse.

Lun Htu (59) years old was dead and Anna (28) years is being hospitalized at Muse Hospital.

The authorities are still investigating this matter and had yet to release more information regarding the nature of the explosive mines.