Over 5,000 tons of illegal timber seized in Sagaing within five months

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)
Seized illegal sawn timbers in Sagaing Region

Authorities confiscated over 5,000 tons of illegal timber together with related equipment and arrested over 600 suspects in Sagaing Region within five months of the 2018-2019 fiscal year, according to the Region Forest Department.

The seizures and arrests were made in the five-month period from April to August this year. Most of the seized illegal timbers are teak logs.

"The 2018-2019 mini budget years is from April to September this year. From April to August, we have seized 5,370 tons of teak and hardwood. In teak seizures, most are teak logs while sawn timbers are fewer. In other kinds of timbers and hard wood, most are sawn timbers," said Than Soe, director of the department.

Of the total seizures of illegal timber in Sagaing Region, 106.9754 tons were seized in Sagaing District, 363.9596 tons in Swebo District, 1,054.9305 tons in Monywa District, 1,544.4386 tons in Katha District, 1,305.3975 tons in Kalay District, 505.4331 tons in Mawlike District, 95.9469 tons in Khamti District and 401.9080 tons in Tamu District.