Rural small scale bridges will be repaired using collapsed Myaungmya Bridge parts

Min Thu Win Htut

The re-usable materials from the collapsed Myaungmya Bridge will be used to repair 20 small bridges in Myaungmya, Warkhema, and Eainme Townships.

At the first day of the 13th parliamentary meeting of Ayeyawaddy Region, MP Thant Zaw Win from Myaungmya Township Constituency (1) asked the question concerning any rights issues for utilizing reusable materials from collapsed Myaungmya Bridge in the regional development programme.  Minister for Electricity, Transportation and Industry Win Htay answered as follows.

Myaungmya Bridge was collapsed on April 1 and when gathering the re-usable parts from the old bridge, bailey panel, bailey pin, chord reinforcement, original transom, local transom, bracing frames and cross frames were recovered. From these materials, 9 rural bridges in Myaungmya Township, 3 rural bridges in Eainme Township, 8 rural bridges in Warkhema Township will be repaired. In order to do so, permission was requested from Roads and Bridges Department. If the Department gives the go-ahead, these reusable materials will be distributed to respective departments and offices for repair efforts.

“After the collapse of Myaungmya Bridge, locals from Myaungmya suffered the most. In order to ensure smooth transportation, locals are cooperating with the departments. What I wish is that all the reusable materials to be used in repairing of rural bridges in Myaungmya Township. What I said is not for the bridges in the city but from the bridges in rural villages,” said MP Thant Zaw Win from Myaungmya Township Constituency (1).