Ygn to grow more mangrove saplings

May Thin Kyi
Mangrove saplings being cultivated in Letkhokkon village, Kyungyangon Township, Yangon Region.
YANGON- With the aim to conserve Mangrove forest ecosystem, Yangon Region will be growing 1 million mangrove saplings, according to the Conservation and Establishment of Mangrove project held on September 11th.
The project was jointly organized by Ministry of Resources and Environmental Conservation, Yangon Region Government Committee and Worldview International Foundation (WIF) with the aim to grow more mangrove saplings which will be nurtured in Letkohkkon village, Kyungyangon Township, Yangon Region in collaboration with government departments and locals. 
Those saplings are expected to completely grown by May, 2019.
“When we observed the condition of mangrove forests in Yangon, Letkohkkon is a sandy beach where vehicles are able to pass through there. Now, the beach faces water erosion at its banks so the Letkohkkon village needs to be relocated. The water way had changed due to the Tsunami that struck in 2004, which left many silts. There were many mangrove forests revitalized starting from 2004 to 2008 in the region. The mangrove forest had prevented the impact of cyclone Nargis . That’s why the Letkohkkon villagers were not vulnerable to the danger of cyclone Nargis. They had the mangrove to thank for their safety. The current mangrove forest is a naturally occuring during over five years. So, the WIF will be growing totaling 1 million saplings, including 700,000 seeds aiming to establish a new mangrove forest,” said Win Maung, Project Manager for Rehabilitation of Mangrove Forest.
The mangrove forest also protects against impacts of natural disasters and it stands as a ecosystem for fishes and prawns, a resource that provides mangrove forest products for the people and a basic infrastructure for booming eco-tourism.
The project of Mangrove Rehabilitation along the coastal region will be taken from 2019 to 2023 and it will be established in Kawthmaw, Thanlyin, Kyungyangon and Khayan Townships in Yangon Region.