2,670 people get dengue fever in Ayeyawady Region this year

Aung Kyaw Myo (Hinthada)
The number of people who are suffering dengue fever reached 2,670 in Ayeyawady Region this year and nine were dead.
Dengue fever broke out in all 26 townships in Ayeyawady Region with the most in Hinthada, Pathein ad Pyarpon.
“Until September 1 of this year, nine people were dead. 2,670 people get dengue fever, mostly in Hinthada. 518 people get dengue fever. The second most is Pathein, followed by Pyarpon and Lattbuta. Dengue fever broke out in all 26 townships. 
“There has been a remarkable decrease in some townships. Some townships are going on. Strangely, some townships do not see an outbreak of dengue fever early, but do later. Some townships see an outbreak of dengue fever not only early but also later. There are also townships that do not see dengue fever at all. Myaungmya did not see it early. Pyapon and Hinthada are strange. They see it not only early but also later,” said Dr Myat Min of Public Health Department of Ayeyawady Region.
Dengue fever broke out mostly in June, July and August in Ayeyawady Region. The Health Department is carrying out preventive measures against dengue fever through added momentum and reviewing advantages and disadvantages. 
“That I would like to tell is dengue fever. Going to the hospitals and clinics is the best way. If necessary, the suspected patient should be in hospital. Death rate is going down,” said Dr Myat Min.
Ayeyawady Region saw the highest in dengue fever breakout in 2015.  It had nearly 3000 people of dengue fever last year.  
Translated and Edited by Win Htut