Protest against ration support to Bengali terrorists held in Maungdaw

Thar Shwe Oo (Kissapa)
Maungdaw residents stages a protest against the Ration Support to the Bengali terrorists
KITSAPA- Maungdaw residents yesterday staged a protest against Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) and ICRC ‘s program of supporting ration to the  Bengali terrorists who left from Myanmar after denouncing the government.
“We knew that the MRCS/ICRC in Yangon planed to support ration to the Bengalis living in Border Line of Taungpyo Township, Rakhine State. Those Bengalis denounced the government and they left from Myanmar as well as they are terrorists. That’s why Maungdaw residents completely deny the support of ration passing through the Maungdaw Township. We didn’t reject the aids program to those living in the Maungdaw Township. However, we never accept the aids program for the Bengali terrorists living in abroad,” said Sein Hla Phyu from Maungdaw Social Network.
Over 300 protesters gathered at the Myoma Monastery and they marched to the offices of MRCS and ICRC.
The MRCS announced a statement about the case yesterday evening saying that they [MRCS] urged Myanmar to support humanitarian aids to those living in boundary line near Taungpyo, Maungdaw Township. Moreover, it was confirmed that the movement of MRCS had been offered.
The announcement also reported that MRCS also investigated the impacts about the requests. The alliance members of MRCS were providing emergency aids to the needy person without discrimination and they also helped those who suffered from the violence in Rakhine State. The MRCS’s movements ensured greater transparency and accountability.