Veteran lawyer blames drug abuse, financial problems, instigation for increasing crime rate

Kyi Naing

The increasing crime rate across Myanmar might have resulted from drug abuse and financial problems as well as incitement, said advocate Aung Soe.

The lawyer made the remark during a talk on the rule of law jointly organised by Yangon Region Department for Rule of Law and the coordination sub-group working on justice on September 9.

"I would like to make a review with three points. First, religion and culture are declining. People are becoming rude. Second, there have been rampant narcotic drug abuse and financial difficulties that encourage more crime. The third point is incitement. We should cooperate together to solve those problems because this is a really important issue for the country," said advocate Aung Soe from the group.

He also pointed out weaknesses in religious and cultural affairs, films and videos that encourage crime to an certain extent to increase crime rate, especially theft and robbery. Some criminal cases occurred due to instigation, not poverty.

"There are now a lot of criminals outside. They commit crimes by forming gangs. Some committed robberies not because of their poverty but because their goal is spreading incitement to create chaos in the country. This can tarnish the government's image so we should take systematic measures. We must work together. Complaints must be filed to the authorities," said the advocate.

The talk was attended by members of the coordination sub-group working on justice, regional members of parliament, officials from Yangon Region High Court and district and township level authorities.

The group was formed with the order of the union government. It is responsible for coordinating matters to facilitate the tasks for ensuring rule of law and justice.