Ceremony held to commemorate 79th Anniversary of U Ottama Day in Yangon

Nay Wun Htet
A ceremony was held to commemorate the 79th Anniversary of Ashin U Ottama, who is a Rakhine martyr Sayadaw, attended by thousands of Rakhnine people.
It was organized by the Ministry of Rakhine Affairs in Yangon Region and Rakhine ethnic associations. During the ceremony, prizes were awarded to the Rakhine ethnic associations across the country. Rakhine souvenirs and traditional snacks were on display during the ceremony in U Ottama Park.
Starting from 9 am on September 9, Rakhine people living in different townships in Yangon Region gathered at U Ottama Park to commemorate Rakhine hero Ashin Ottama. The ceremony started after 12 at noon.   
The ceremony began after 12 noon and ended after 4 pm. Thousands of Rakhine people came to the ceremony. Traffic jam occurred in and around U Ottama Park and it lasted for some time. 
“Monk U Ottama is an independence hero. He is the one who Rakhine people always remember. The entire people remember U Ottama. For that reason, we get together coming from North Okkalapa. We come here every year,” said a Rakhine people who came to the event.
The ceremonies of commemorating 79th Anniversary of Ashin U Ottama were held across the country including Sittwe on September 9. In Sittwe, the Rakhine State Government, political parties, parliament and associations came to lay wreaths to U Ottama Park. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut