Disease outbreak in Naga Region, kills 7 children

Aung Thu Tun (Kalay)
Caption: Health care being provided in Naga Region

Nan Yun - Due to an outbreak of a disease in Nan Yun within the Naga self administrative region, 7 children were killed and while some villages are starting to recover from the illness, villagers still need health care and medical assistance.

The outbreak emerged in the northern Sagaing region of Myanmar.

Entire villages in Lanpan and Shun Hepaw village tracts in Nan Yun Township suffered from the unidentified disease and the symptoms are fever, coughing, bleeding from nose, difficulty in breathing while some suffered diarrhoea.

“As our government has insufficient supply of medicine, we are asking help from civic organizations but they have yet to arrive. If medicines arrive, we’ll bring  them to the head of township medical doctors. We’ll decide what we need later. The present situation is we need rice and clothing because the people here live deep in poverty and they have only 1 or 2 sets of clothes to wear. In Nan Yun, we connected with social organizations and cultural organizations for donation. Concerning with medicine, we are using what we have in hand. According to the head of township medical doctor, there are 13 medicines we need. We order the other medicine we couldn’t able to get here from Yangon. The medicine from Yangon will arrive tomorrow. We’ll check if the current situation is sufficient with the medicine we order,” said MP Sein Maung.

Since August 25th to September 8th, the disease killed a child in Lanpan village and 2 killed in Hachun village due to diarrhea, 1 killed in Shun Hepaw village.

MP Sein Maung continued describe in saying that Shun Hepaw village was in terrible state. When looking at other villages, these villages suffered running nose and coughing but nothing as bad as the condition in Shun Hepaw village. Some villages which suffered disease aren’t recovering yet. Some villages have about 10 people that are sick. The government may provide as much as they could. But couldn’t say more as we didn’t get news and information. For the on-ground situation, township level management is being carried out. Now that township level management committee is leading the work.

According to the Commander-in-Chief Of Defence Services Office statement, health specialists from military hospital are giving medical treatment in the Naga Self administrative region.

In 2016, 80 people died of measles and other infectious diseases in Nan Yun and Lahe Townships in Naga.

The rural areas of Lahe and Nan Yun townships have little to no health care or transportation infrastructure, and are incredibly difficult to access. The Naga Self-Administered Region, populated by the Naga ethnic group, is considered one of the poorest and most under-developed areas in Burma.