Govt. to take action on tugboat and stranded ship owners: maritime official

Shun Le Win
A press conference held at head office of Department of Marine Administration


Department of Marine Administration (DMA) submitted a report to Attorney General Office to take action on the owners of tugboat and ship that was stranded in Myanmar seas, said its Director General Thaung Kyaing.

He said during a press conference held at head office of Department of Marine Administration on September 6 in related with the stranded Indonesian freighter M.V SAM RATULANGI.

“We submitted a report to take action on 13 crew members from the Malaysian tugboat and the company that owns the tugboat. We have to seek a remark from the Attorney General Office in concern with legal affairs. We will take advice from the Attorney General Office on how to proceed with taking action on them and the kinds of law under which we can sue them,” said the director general.

The stranded ship grounded in Myanmar seas on August 27 and the tugboat named Independence informed their company using a satellite device. The company directed them to cut the emergency towing and the weather was worse at that time. The captain of the tugboat decided to leave the stranded ship for the safety of his ship and crew members as per instruction of the boat owner and headed to Penang port, according to the DMA.

The maritime authorities asked the captain whether he knew to inform the case to respective maritime authorities or not.He confessed that he had failed to inform the authorities about it as the case is the first for him and he was very worried about it at that time.

The tugboat deserted the stranded ship near Thamaseikta village, Thongwa Township, Yangon region and they encountered with a navy boat in Myanmar seas on August 31.

Fishermen found the ill-fated freighter on August 28 about six nautical miles from the village.