Saw Coal mine blast kills three, traps five

Aung Thu Tun
Rescue efforts are underway at the coal mine blast in Saw Township
KALAY- Three were killed and five were trapped in a Coal Mine blast at Tun Yarza Coal Mining Company near Kyaikmyaung village, Kyaikswe village-tract, Saw Township, Magway Region, yesterday morning.
“The accident occurred in a coal mine owned by Tun Yarza Company in Mandalay yesterday morning. Among 12 miners, one was injured, three died and five are now trapped. The depth of a coal mine is over 300-ft. In a mine, there are feeders. There are three groups comprising of four miners each.  We didn’t know how the gas came into contact with which materials to produce the fireball that resulted in the mine explosion,” said Officer San Win, Saw Township Red Cross Association.
The coal mine is about 10 miles away from Saw Township.
“Five are trapped in a coal mine. But there is no hope for them because the gas is leaking from the mine. We entered into the tunnels together with the mines. However, we had to turn back from an accident. We are taking care the injured mine workers by providing oxygen. At present, we are still monitoring the situation. The military is present at the scene but it isn’t easy to enter into the collapsed mine,” said San Win.
Zaw Tun, Minister of Magway Region, confirmed that three were killed and five were  trapped while one was injured due to coal mine blast.
“The authorities are now checking the cause of accident. The mine workers were carrying out their duties by dividing into two groups. In day time, there are 13 mine workers. When there was the mine blast, six out of seven mine workers from one group managed to come back out form the accident. Two died at Saw Township and one was injured. Three were unscathed. Among the six workers from another group, one was killed and five are trapped. No one dare to rescue the trapped miners,” said witness Tun Tun Win.
Likewise, five people including a Chinese citizen died and four others have been admitted to hospital, after an explosion at a charcoal mine about 10 miles from Thitchauk village, Kalewa Township on August 2nd.
In Magway Region, Saw, Minhla, Sagu, Pauk and Gantgaw Townships are coal mine areas. 
The Magway Region Government permits 40 coal mines in the region and imposes a tax of 3,000 Ks per ton for production.