Aunglan locals worry about landslide cause Byetgyi dam to lower

Thet Paing
Officials make renovation tasks in Byetgyi dam’s embankment which was lowered due to landslide.
PYI- As landslide caused the Byetgyi dam to lower in Aunglan Township, Magway Region in the evening of August 2nd, locals are now moving to safer places and they were sleeping at the high places.
The Irrigation officer said that there was no worry about the dam slide.
“No water filtrates in through the collapsed Byetgyi dam.  The villagers under the lower area of the dam are now moving to safer places due to rumors. Locals worried that the dam was opened aiming to reduce the water. The villagers under the dam phoned about the dam to the locals from upper area. At present, the authorities are making renovation tasks,” said one of the locals from Dandaunk village.
“We carried out renovation tasks at the dam slide. The dam isn’t lowered again because the foundation of the dam is durability. As for the public, there is no worry,” said Ko Ko Aung, Assistance Director of Irrigation Department.
“The landslide caused the dam’s embankment to lower. We are now carrying out the renovation tasks. There is no worry about the dam slide. It is right that a gush of water had overflowed from the spillway of the dam. We have planned to reduce amount of water spilling off from the dam,” said Win Maw Htay, Magway Region Agriculture and Irrigation Minister.
If the Byetgyi dam collapses, over seven villages located geographically lower than it may face floods. The locals are worried that the dam would eventually break.
“The Regional Agriculture Minister and irrigation officers are now inspecting the dam slide. They said that there was no worry. But, villages under the dam are warned about the flooding if there will be raining,” said Aye Kyaw, Regional MP in Aunglan Township. 
The Byetgyi Dam was built in 2001-2002 with the aim to irrigate over 6,966 acres of farmlands.
Currently, most of locals have worry because they leant about the spillway collapse of Swar Chaung Dam.