Papers written as No Trust on UN pinned on Lampposts

Yin Myo Thwe
Posters written Anti-government and no trust on UN were put on some lampposts in Mandalay
MANDALAY- Papers written as Myanmar and English languages as No Trust on UN and Government led by National League for Democracy (NLD) were pinned on the some lampposts in Mandalay, around 8pm of August 4th.
The papers written as “UN-Get Out”, “No need to interfere on Myanmar Local cause”, “No belief on NLD government”, “There is no Rohija native”, “Only illegal Bengali in Myanmar”, and “Myanmar’s history has to purify by brave blood”.
“We know that placards written by Myanmar-English languages such as “No need UN” were put on some lampposts in Maha Aungmyae Township, at corners between 38th Street and 80th Street, 80th Street and 41st Street, 38th Street and 78th Street and 38th Street and 84th Street. We can't  arrest  those who pinned the papers that were put not only in Maha Aungmyae Township but also in many places including Chanmya Tharsi Township,” said Police Major Tin Tun Aung from Maha Aungmyae Township Police Force.