Construction of new Myaungmya Bridge may complete earlier than expected

Min Thu Win Htut
Caption: Construction site of Myaungmya Bridge

Construction of new Myaungmya Bridge is now 48 percent completed and it will complete earlier than the scheduled period of April 2019.

Before the collapsed of old Myaungmya suspension  Bridge, the new one was constructed since May 2017 at the 46 feet from the old one. When the new bridge was began its construction, it was planned to apply balance cantilever method. It is estimated that construction of new bridge will take 2 years. The old Myaungmya Bridge was collapsed on April 1 and to avoid the difficulty of local people, steel trust type was changed. It is being constructed with J & M Steel Solution Company jointly organized by JFE Company from Japan and Ministry of Construction. As the machine and manpower are used fully at the construction site, it is completed 48 percent now. PC Girder (Stress Concrete Girder) is being installed at the approach roads. It will complete in 2019 it is expected.

“We are now 48 percent completed. PC Girder (Stress Concrete Girder) is being installed at the approach road. We hope that it will complete in early 2019,” said Win Htay, Minister for Electricity, Transportation and Industry of Ayeyawaddy Region.

The old suspension bridge was constructed in March 1, 1994 and it was put into service on September 18, 1996. It was jointly built by Chinese engineers and the Public Works Department at a cost of US$ 11.76 million. The lifespan of bridge already expired on 20 January, 2017.

As the collapse of old bridge, road access between Myaungmya and Labutta is cut off. The collapse of suspension bridge occurred while a truck was passing over the bridge. The truck plunged into Raway River and killing two people.

After collapsing old Myaungmya Bridge, strength and durability of 29 other suspension bridges in entire Myanmar was checked with experts from roads and bridges construction and foreign scholars. According to the investigation, present suspension bridges with weakness will be upgraded.