Swachaung spillway breach damages cost over Ks1,200 million

Zaw Win Chit (Taungoo)
Flood-hit Kyarin village.


Floods caused by the collapse of a spillway of Swaschaung dam in Yedashae Township, Bago region, damaged more than 380 houses and resulting in a loss of Ks1,279 million.

Min Naing Aung, Yedashae Township Administrator, said: “Four people died and two others are still missing. The township did not suffer the huge losses as the authority could make timely and rapid response and the disaster occurred during day time, in the afternoon.

Floodwaters damaged more than 300 houses and swept away 185 houses. Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Department provided one household with Ks-100,000 and the Natural Disaster Management Central Committee, with Ks-200,000. In addition, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement is distributing household utensils to flood victims. In the previous days, the region government distributed rice, edible oil, canned fish and dry noodle to them. We carried out the distribution of relief aid to victims from September 2 to 4.”

Due to the collapse of a spillway of Swaschaung dam in Yedashae Township, Bago region on August 29, ten people went missing. Four people were found alive and four others were confirmed dead. Two people are still missing until September 3.

Floods hit 32,921 acres of monsoon paddy in 18 village-tracts in Yedashae Township. As floodwaters receded quickly, about 600 acres of monsoon paddy were destroyed by floods. It amounts to about 0.02 per cent loss. Plans are underway to grow crops like potato and onion in the damaged plantations, Min Naing Aung added.

The authority moved 49,382 people in 43 relief camps in Yedashae Township, 24,672 people in 44 relief camps in Taungoo Township, 1,460 people in seven relief camps in Ottwin Township and 473 people in 12 relief camps in Kyaukgyi Township.