Over 200 Great Wall Factory workers in Sagaing demand pay rise

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)

More than 200 workers from Great Wall Factory in Htigyaing Township, Katha District, Sagaing Region, have reportedly started a peaceful worksite protest demanding increase salaries.

In the protest that began on September 3, the workers wearing red armbands said they would be continuing their sit-in at worksite until their salaries have been increased.

A meeting took place between factory officials and worker leaders, and the general manager verbally agreed to meet their demand.

"The workers are making their demand wearing red armbands at worksite. About 30 of us met with the general manager. What we want to demand is to increase our salaries. He said we have to wait for one day. He made a verbal promise. Both sides discussed. He promised to fulfill our demand. We can say we are 80 percent successful in our demands, said Hnin Wai, one of the factory workers and a labour rights activities.

If the factory meets the workers' demand for pay rise, they are ready to remove their armbands. Different workers at the factory are paid different amounts of salary. The discussion also included not focusing on personal bias.

The factory is run by over 5,000 workers.