MM Social to come online

Wai Tun Naung


Myanmar-owned MM Social, a social network that will run in accord with the extant laws, is now here said Yan Naing Myint, Executive Director of MM Social Zone Co, Ltd.

“The launch of MM Social aims to prevent the leakage of information and data to foreign companies. MM Social is a social network based in Myanmar. Myanmar people are using foreign social networks. There is no tax collection. There are many financial losses to the country. The introduction of our social networks aims to prevent it,” he added.

“Like other foreign social networks, MM Social will feature user profile, like, share, comment, text messaging, pages and groups. As a special feature, MM Social’s rules will be in conformity with existing laws and our culture,” he continued.

Zawgyi and Unicode fonts will be available. But Unicode fonts can  be read.

Users can complaint about hacking, theft and spread of personal information on MM social platform via chat box,a hotline and in person.

MM Social will effectively deal with the spread of hate speeches and fake accounts.

The company needs to make necessary modifications to it as the emergence of MM Social is about two months.

MM Social can be used on mobile phones and computer browsers as from September 5. MM Social application will be released at the end of this month.