Heavy rain and landslide in Naga self-administrative region caused transportation stopped

Kaung Khant Lin(Monywa)
Caption: As landslide occurred in Khamti-Lahe road section, vehicles are inaccessible to that area.

Lahe- As torrential rain in Naga self administrative region in Sagain region, landslides occurred and roads are inaccessible anymore according to MP U Keka from Lahe Township constituency (2).

As there were heavy rains on August 30 and 31, landslides occurred on roads connecting villages and as a result, transportation has stopped and some roads were ruined.

“In the last week of August, we had heavy rain and land from hills started to fall down. Some roads connecting villages are in terrible state. As there is no budget, repair work isn’t carried out. But, we have budget for repairing of Khamti-Lahe road section, clearing works could be done there at once,” said MP U Keka from Lahe Township constituency (2).

Landslides are being triggered by incessant rains and it destroyed roads, blocked road section and unable to go further according to MP U Keka.