Labour leagues stage collective protest in Dagon Seikkan industrial zone

Kyi Naing
The labour leagues from a lot of factories staged a collective protest as part of supporting the strike of Fu Yuen garment factory in Dagon Seikkan Industrial Zone, Yangon Region on September 2.
Some 300 workers from the labour leagues of Dagon Seikkan garment factory, Shwe Myanmar cold storage, Nilar Star paper factory, Barlala snack factory, Popular plastic factory, and other garment factories were involved in the collective protest.
“Our negotiation has not reached the agreement yet. Therefore, the labour leagues are staging the collective protest as they were not happy with our situation. The workers are going on a march,” said Hsan Win, secretary of the labour league of Fu Yuen garment factory.
The workers staged the collective protest as part of supporting the strike of Fu Yuen garment factory. They demanded six points. Action should be taken against the employer who tried to break up the labour league. Members of labour leagues who were unjustly dismissed should be re-appointed. The authorities should stay away from bribery and corruption. The employer who instigate enmity between the workers is not wanted. Visa checks on Chinese workers staying inside Fu Yuen garment factory  should be made. 
 The strike of Fu Yuen garment factory has turned 13 days. The protest workers would like 30 sacked workers to get back to work. So far the workers have not seen the agreement. 
“The women participating in the protest are many. We follow the law. The employer does not follow the law. Our workers do not violate the law. For this, are the authorities just looking at us like so? Rule of law prevails in the country. The employers from foreign countries are manipulating the workers. The workers are being sacked without showing apparent reasons. The unfair acts of the employers upset us too much,” said Hsan Win.
Fu Yuen garment factory issued a statement, saying that the factory enjoyed more expenditures as the wages of the workers were raised. The factory did not see an increased productivity, but it had to face more expenditures. In the long-run, it will become increasingly unprofitable and it will run at a loss. The workers do not work in line with EC. The workers are enjoying many absent leaves without pay. Some workers are inciting others to protest. Starting from August 20, 30 workers who violated the terms and conditions prescribed in the EC were compensated and their employments were terminated. 
The workers responded that the statement of the factory was untrue and they received nothing provided by the factory.     
Translated and Edited by Win Htut