Thailand intensifies crackdown on foreign migrant workers

Ko Shwe Thein


From July 1 to August 30,  the Thai government arrested over 80,000 foreign migrant workers according to the Oversea Migrant Workers Law.

During the two months, Thai government took action against 4,400 Thai employers in accordance with the Oversea Migrant Workers Protection Law. Thai government also arrested 81,282 foreign migrant workers –566 from Myanmar, 3,781 from Laos, 19,552 from Cambodia, 109 from Vietnam and 1,275 from other countries.

According to the Department of Employment (DOE) of Thailand, Thai authorities have taken actions against 334 Thai employers and 2,341 foreign migrant workers consisting of 1,576 from Myanmar, 192 from Laos, 381 from Laos, 106 from Vietnam and 86 from other assorted countries.

At the same time, Chair of the Joint Action Committee for Burmese Affairs (JACBA)’s Moe Gyo said: “On July 18, 17 Myanmar underage workers from Mae Sot were detained at the child detention centre. They remain in the centre citing that Thai authority will take action against the employer. I would like to urge the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population from Myanmar and the Thai Labour Ministry to discuss the immediate release of those detainees.”