Dengue fever kills four in Pyay

Wai Lin (Pyay)


More than 600 people have been infected with dengue fever in Pyay Township in Bago region (West), according to the hospital’s figures.

Until August this year, four out of 626 hospitalized patients died of dengue fever. Last year, there were 669 hospitalized patients and five deaths.

Dr Khin May Thwin, medical superintendent of the People’s Hospital in Pyay said: “The outbreaks of dengue fever has increased year on year. In the past, there were no dengue cases in some months. Now there are dengue cases every month. Not only children but also adults have to suffer from dengue. More dengue cases are reported in May, June, July and August.”

Public Health Department is disseminating knowledge about the DHF due to the transmission of DHF among adult persons. It needs to send patients to hospital as quickly as possible for early treatment and to take preventive measures against DHF in wards and schools, she added.

Dr Kay Khaing Win, head of Pyay Township Health Department said: “People are weak in taking preventive measures against DHF. In the past, the DHF transmission is common in the rainy season. But now the outbreaks of DHF are reported all the year round. There have been DHF transmissions for two or three consecutive years.”

Patients from Bago (west), Magway and Ayeyarwady Regions are receiving treatments at the People’s Hospital in Pay Township.