No disease outbreak despite lengthy flood duration in Hpa-an

Soe Soe (Hpa-an)
Flood relief center being opened in Hpa-an Township, Kayin State
HPA-AN- Even though Hpa-an Twnship in Kayin State suffered from floods for a long time, there fortunately was no outbreak of diseases at the relief camps, according to sources..
“Due to long duration of the flood, we were worried about the health of flood victims. We also worried over the infectious diseases. If there will be an outbreak of infectious disease, we were afraid that we won’t be able to control it. Luckily for us, there ws no outbreak of infectious diseases. We still need to carry out healthcare services aiming for preventive measures against the infectious diseases,” said Nan Khin Htwe Myint, Kayin State Chief Minister.
The government is now providing healthcare services at the 15 flood relief camps being opened in Hpa-an Township. Moreover, mobile clinics are also being opened for flood victims.
Under the guidance of the State Counsellor and Health Minister, health staffs are now providing regular healthcare services and conducting educative talks about personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness, reproductive healthcare services and nutrition activities at the relief centers.
The health staffs also counseled 3,909 women who are able to give birth to a child to know about the reproductive health. They also carried out family planning programs for 1,737 women out of 3,909.
“We found that the flood relief camps had no discipline at toilets and garbage disposal. Even though we keep soap liquids aplenty to wash the hands at the toilets, no one was using them. That’s why the staffs are warning the refugees daily to wash their hands before eating and after leaving from toilets and also to throw away the leftovers systematically. Moreover, plans are underway to spray Chlorine powder at designated garbage disposal place and to also put the chlorine powder in the lakes and wells,” said Dr Tun Min, Head Officer from Kayin State Health Department.
In Kayin State, there are 15 flood relief camps accommodating with totaling 8,523 victims.