Yangon government to develop housing projects for migrants

Squatter huts in Hlaingtharyar Township. (Photo-Shine Lin Aung)


Yangon Region Government plans to develop housing projects for the accommodation of migrants with the long-term loan system, said Yangon Region Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein.

“There are three phases. The first one is for people who have migrated to Yangon and live on from hand to month. They have no house to live in as they have no money to pay. Some people working in companies have to rent houses as they cannot afford to pay any money. Some others are civil servants. They also have to hire houses. The government has set a policy for the implementation of housing projects for them under a long-term loan system,” he added.

The regional government is making efforts to start these projects in the years to come. Since taking office, the incumbent government compiled the lists of squatters systematically. The move aims to promote the living standards of squatters. The region government recorded fingerprints and faces of squatters and have issued more than 100,000 smart cards to squatters, he continued.

The systematic resettlement of squatters, getting them apartments and promoting their socio-economic status would amount to establishing a human resource. Thus the need to reform this condition, explained Phyo Min Thein.

“People are becoming interested in Yangon as there are many employment opportunities. Yangon sees mass migration of people from other regions and states as it has infrastructures and industrial zones. The region government is working to sell low-cost, affordable and high-priced apartments to migrant workers. Since taking office, the current government was weak in creating job opportunities and lands for investments in factories and plants. The reason is almost all vacant lands have already had owners,” he said.

Efforts are being made to create employment opportunities in new industrial zones. In addition, the region government will develop sell low-cost, affordable and high-priced apartments there.

“Some migrants who came to Yangon for employment opportunities are ok. Some people have jobs, but they are commercial squatters in order to send money to their families. Some squatters are committing criminal offenses, he continued.