15 schools reopen in Okpho Township

Wai Lin (Pyay)
A flooded school in Okpho Township.


A total of 15 out of 31 schools, which were temporarily closed due to rain-triggered floods, reopened in Okpho Township in Thayawady District in Bago West Region.

Four schools were closed on August 28, 14 schools on August 29 and ten schools on August 30, according to Okpho Township Education Officer Office.

On the evening of August 29, a grade-11 female student went missing due to floods, according to the township education officer office.

An official of the Okpho Township Education Officer Office said: “Yesterday, 28 schools were closed. Today, 15 schools were reopened and three schools closed.”

On August 27, the township was hit by floods due to heavy downpours. Now, the flood waters have receded.