Authorities evacuate more than 15,000 flood victims in Taungoo

Zaw Win Chit (Taungoo)
Authorities carried out rescue and relief operations in Yedashe Township (Photo-Zaw Win Chit)


Water level in Sittaung River reached to 663 centimeters on August 30 and authorities have evacuated more than 15,000 flood victims in Taungoo Township to safer areas, sources said.

MP Moe Makha of Taungoo Constituency said, “A man from No.10 ward was swept away in the water. He hasn’t been found yet. There are 26 flood relief camps open right now and it might have to be increased. A total of 15,000 flood victims from 3,731 families and households are taking shelter at the camps. Some flood victims didn’t come to the relief camps but went to live in higher areas nearby. We are holding meeting this morning to supervise the provision of relief aid. We distributed rice with curries if the relief camps are near. If they are far away, we send rice, instant noodles and drinking water.”

More water covered Taungoo-Thantaunggyi road in the evening of August 30 halting transportation, said locals.

The authorities evacuated people and animals from Mogaung and Ywarthit villages beside the road in the evening while firefighters, Red Cross members, philanthropic association and natural disaster protection teams are helping them.

Flood worsened around 7 pm as water level in Sittaung River increased.

Tin Arnt Ko, Taungoo Township municipal development committee member (2) said, “Cars cannot pass through there so we are carrying passengers on the boats to cross the water. If they are in emergency, we sent them in motor boats.”

Water level in Sittaung River increased in Taungoo from the evening of August 29 and it  reached above its danger level of 600 centimeters at 9 pm. Some lower areas of Taungoo are covered with water.

Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) said the water level in Sittaung River may increase up to about one foot in next 24 hours.

A spillway collapsed in Hswar Dam in Yedashe Township around 4 AM on August 29 and flood occurred in Hswar in the morning. Water also covered a portion of Yangon-Mandalay expressway.

The flood caused the Hswar Bridge to lower a little.

The waters from Hswar Dam flowed to Yedashe Township on August 29 and more than 60,000 people from 85 villages are evacuated. A woman died and six people are missing in the flood in the township. A total of 262 schools are temporarily closed.