MP demands repaving of inferior quality gravel road in Kantbalu Township

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)

Magway Region Parliament lawmaker Khin Myo Chit has asked the Irrigation Department to repave Htangon-Zigonmubaung gravel road in Kantbalu Township due to inferior road quality.

The department took charge of paving the 3,900-foot-long section of the road with gravels with a budget of K45 million. But the road went into ruins only after two months, said the MP.

"Just over two months after the paving of the road, we saw it fell into ruin with gavels surfacing. So the relevant department has to be demanded to repair the road. The whole road did not have to be paved with gravels. Only a 3,900 feet long section was paved with the regional government budget. The Irrigation Department took charge of paving the road. But it is poor in quality," said MP Khin Myo Chit from Kantbalu Township Constituency No (1).

The MP said she had asked the department to repave the road many times so the complaint had to be sent to the head of the department.

Many local villages have to rely on Htangon-Zigonmubaung gravel road in education, health, social and manufacturing sectors. Moreover, passenger buses also have to use the road to link Kantabalu Township and other towns.