Housemaid, broker tried for false rape claims against actor Thiha Tin Soe

Thiha Aung

A housemaid and her broker were brought to trial at Thingangyun Township Court on August 29 for filing a false rape complaint against a movie actor called Thiha Tin Soe.

At the trial, the plaintiff, who is the officer of Thuwunna Police Station, was questioned.

"The next trail is on September 5. My testimony has not finished. We don't have complete documents now," said the police officer.

The station police officer as a plaintiff filed a lawsuit against housemaid Khin Mar Myint and broker Daw Nyo under section 211 of the Penal Code of Myanmar for lodging a false complaint against the film star for rape.

Moreover, Zin Mar Oo, wife of the actor, opened a case against Khin Mar Myint, Daw Nyo and another accomplice Daw Myint under section 389/114 of the Penal Code. Their trail was on the same day but it was postponed as plaintiff Zin Mar Oo did not turn up.

In connection with the case, housemaid Khin Mar Myint, aged 40, filed a suit against actor Thiha Tin Soe at Thuwunna Police Station on July 14 this year for allegedly raping her. So the police station opened the case under section 376 of the Penal Code and launched investigation.

According to the investigation, Khin Mar Myint also goes by another name "Nyo Nyo”. She contacted broker Daw Nyo in order to serve as a housemaid because her husband has been suffering from stroke for four years.

Daw Nyo sent her to the house of actor Thiha Tin Soe on July 5. Khin Mar Myint had to nurse the actor's mother-in-law. Under the instruction of broker Daw Nyo, Khin Mar Myint filed a lawsuit against the actor for by falsely claiming the she was raped by the actor when his wife was not at home, according to a statement issued by police.

After questioning, broker Daw Nyo, aged 65, confessed that she asked Khin Mar Myint to file a rape complaint against the actor at the police station, in the hopes that she would negotiate with them for money to avoid the hassle and public attention. Daw Nyo then asked the actor's wife to give K10 million and in return for the case to be completely dropped by them. They filed a lawsuit against the actor as they were not given the money.