MCDC demolish squatter huts along Strand Road

Yin Myo Thwe
Police detains drug addicts (Photo-Yin Myo Thwe)
MANDALAY- Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) demolished many squatter huts along the Strand Road, Aungmyae Tharzan Township, Mandalay Region, as many drug addicts and traffickers can use them as hideouts, according to the Mandalay Police Force.
Starting from August 27th, a total of 338 squatter huts have been demolished.
After a video which showed a group of people using narcotics in a house located near Ayeyawady River, was posted on social media and went viral on August 19th, a drug bust was quickly conducted. Eight drug addicts were arrested and 36 amphetamine tablets were seized.
A video file showing drug addicts near an embankment in Strand Road was posted on social media in the early morning of June 5th.
Mandalay Region Police Force searched for the drug addicts in places the video might have been filmed at around 8 am. They didn’t find any drugs or pushers but instead found destroyed tents that appeared to belong to them.
The police also conducted a raid in Zeoake village, Patheingyi Township on June 2nd as they received a tip-off about drug trafficking and abusers.
They destroyed 23 houses in which the suspects were utilizing to satiate their addiction in the village in accord with Municipal Law. They also arrested many drug addicts and confiscated a number of amphetamine tablets, according to sources.
More squatter huts were built as the local administrative department compiles the total list of squatter huts in Zeoake Village, Patheingyi Township in order to completely demolish any possible base of operations for pill pushers and junkies. In the end, MCDC demolished over 400 squatter huts.
Moreover, seven people that had protested against the demolition are now being charged with Section 505(b) that falls under Defamation of the State.
Dr Zaw Myint Maung, Mandalay Region Chief Minister, said at the press concerning government’s endeavors during second-term of a year that there would be crackdown on the Squatters.