Fire in Maungdaw (Kanyin Tan -Myoma) Taung village

Thar Shwe Oo(Kispa)
Caption: Fire breaks out in Maungdaw (Kanyin Tan -Myoma) Taung village

Fire broke out in Maungdaw (Kanyin Tan -Myoma) Taung village on the morning of August 29.

The incident occurred when the mutton that was being smoked at the house belonging to a  Marmauk Karmar caused some of the flames to spread to a nearby house. Fire destroyed a total of Ks.777, 000.

Fire brigade forces, auxiliary fire brigade forces, villagers and security forces took part in extinguishing fire. No one was hurt or killed by the fire according to Maungdaw fire grigade force.

Action was taken against Marmauk Karmar for neglect in use of fire.