Landslide occur in Kalay Tsp due to Myittha River erosion

Aung Thu Tun (Kalay)
Caption: Some houses built near Myittha River

Kalay - Due to erosion from Myittha River, instances of landslide have been increasing in Taung Oo village in Kalay Township and if there are no preventive measures implemented soon, the entire village may have to be moved, according to village-in-charge Kyaw Kyaw Lin.

“The situation of landslides that occurred this year is worse than the last year. As Myittha River paths along to our village, 6 houses have currently been destroyed. Another 6 houses may get moved due to the river erosion. For this year, we couldn’t do anything but after the rainy season, we’ll submit a letter to relevant departments and inform them. We don’t know for sure if the authorities will carry out preventive measures or not. The villagers are very worried about more erosion that will come next year. If there are no preventive measures taken, entire village may have to be relocated,” said Kyaw Kyaw Lin.

As Myittha River is heading towards the village, 13 houses were relocated in 2017. This year, 6 houses were relocated and there are real possibilities of more houses having to relocate.

“I’ve lived in this village since it was founded. I’ve had to move to another place completely in a span of one or two days. At the moment, my family will be temporarily staying at our relative’s house. I couldn’t eat or sleep. All the villagers help us in our darkest time. I wish that the government authorities will help relocate houses destroyed by river erosion and build a retaining wall again. I’m speaking for on behalf of all the villagers,” said Aye San Win, owner of a house which needs to moved away as soon as possible.

Pyin Thar village also faced the same fate last year. People that had to relocate from their homes from Taung Oo village are temporarily staying at their relatives’ houses or Taung Oo-Myo Thar road side.

“There are more than 340 houses and 360 households living in Taung Oo village. About 20 houses had to be removed due to river erosion. If the situation continues, another 60 houses will be destroyed. We need to think of how to further prevent river erosion. The best method will be the construction of a retaining wall. At the moment, Retaining wall couldn’t be built. Then only not only our village but also Pyin Thar village will be spared from river erosion. If there isn’t any preventive measures taken, Pyin Thar village will be faced the same fate like us,” continued Kyaw Kyaw Lin.

Landslides caused by river erosion can cause great destruction and can even wipe out whole towns.