Investigation Team to be formed for checking Chinese growers in Sagaing

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)
Watermelon plantation being grown by the Chinese (Photo-Kaung Kant Lin)
MONYWA- An investigation team will be formed in order to check on the Chinese citizens who have been growing watermelons and cucumbers in Butalin Township, Monywa District, Sagaing Region, says MP Aung Kyaw from No.1 Constituency in Butalin Township.
He said that those Chinese growers are not paying the tax on their plantations and produce.
“We are going to carry out the taxation. We also do not know about their visa status and they[Chinese] also didn’t inform the respective authorities about their arrival. That’s why we, together with the respective departments, are going to form an investigation team aiming to scrutinize the Chinese citizens. If they have no visas, they will be taken action against,” said MP Aung Kyaw.
The Chinese citizens had allegedly requested their close friends to buy farmland plots in Yinmapin, Monywa, Chaung-U and Butalin Townships in Sagaing Region by registering the names of their friends, Myanmar citizens, and then taking over the lands and growing watermelon and cucumber plantations in the region yearly.
There are over 100 villages in Bulalin Township. The watermelon and cucumber plantations are being grown annually in 25 villages out of over 100 led by Chinese citizens.
But many of the Chinese citizens reportedly are avoiding taxes.