School buildings inadequate for Yathedaung students

Than Hlaing
Students studying at the Affiliated Middle School in Laikhone village, Yathedaung Township, Rakhine State (Photo-Than Hlaing)
SITTWE- As there is insufficient amount of school buildings at the Basic Education Middle School (Affiliate) in Laikhone village, Yathedaung Township, Rakhine State, students have to take their lessons on small flat wooden seats in makeshift classes.
There have been increased numbers of students at the school causing the space within the school buildings to run out. Although self-reliant, makeshift school buildings are being constructed temporarily for the students, those buildings are inconvenient for them[students]. 
“A main school building which has 2400 square feet can’t accommodate up to the students including primary level. So, we built a self-reliant bamboo school building for mid-level students. The students are now studying at the bamboo school building by sitting on flat wooden seats. It is quite inconvenient for us to teach and learn there because there is no partition walls and it isn’t safe,” said Headmaster Saw Kyaw Myint.
The Yathedaung Township is home to many schools but there have been a growing need for extension/expansion of school buildings. 
Although Rakhine State government committee had returned the money to the Union Government in accordance with the laws, they can’t fill the needs of the schools, say MPs.
“The district level checked on the status of the schools twice per year but there nothing really happened. I frequently reported the proposal to build more school buildings to the authorities but it had always failed. No new school buildings had been constructed in our village. So, we would like to urge the authorities to upgrade and build for the village’s new school buildings. Likewise, other schools also need more school buildings like us. The government should also provide other needs aiming to boost education and to improve their skills. We need more school buildings. If we can get a 3900 square feet school building, we can even have a faculty staff room,” said the headmaster from Laikhone Basic Education Middle School (Affiliate).
There are 120 primary students and over 140 middle students studying at the Laikhone Basic Education Middle School.
Students experience much difficulties learning in school and their safety is compromised as the makeshift classrooms are simply covered with tarpaulin. 
The school had been upgraded as a Post Primary School in 2012-13 and it was also upgraded as an affiliated middle school in 2015-16 academic years.
Therefore, the numbers of students had increased, leading to overfilled capacity of school buildings.
Many of the school’s faculty said that they urgently needed a new school building.