Rain-damaged Shinbweyan-Nanyun road still under repairs

Aung Thu Tun
Workers preparing to repair road


Rain-damaged Shinbweyan-Nanyun road, a portion of Ledo Road, is under repaired and vehicles cannot use it until now, sources said.

“Only motorcyclists can use the road and transport authorities are using a backhoe to clear the mud and earth on the road. However the landslides reoccur if rain is heavy. The motorcycle taxi fares are not increased and smaller cars can be used soon. Big cars can travel in open season,” said Jet Jet from Shinbweyan.

Shinbweyan from Kachin State and Nanyun from Sagaing region are 31 miles apart and the road was badly damaged in 2008. Most of the damages occurred in Shinbweyan.

“Locals carried goods using motorcycles. Prices of consumer goods are increased in rainy season but locals stored the necessary items so prices are not rocketed,” said a local from Nanyun.