Yangon-Taungoo rail road to be upgraded

Nyein Nyein Thu
Upgrading of Yangon-Taungoo rail road will begin soon and formerly 6 hour long Yangon-Taungoo trip will now take only 3 hours according to Myanmar Railways.
Currently, the train rate from Yangon to Taungoo or vice versa is 64 kilometer per hour. After upgrading the railroad, it can be increased up to 100 kilometer per hour. 
“The upgrading work will begin soon and after upgrading, rail passengers can save time and have convenient trip,” said Ba Myint, project director of Myanmar Railway Project.
Upgrading works include changing signal system, and repairing railway lines. The upgrading works are divided into sections. They are Yangon-Taungoo section, Yangon-Bago section and they are among the preliminary works to be done in upgrading works.
Myanmar Railways will borrow loans from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to do upgrading works.
Yangon-Taungoo section will cost US $ 630 million (Yen 70 billion) and at present Myanmar got Yen 40 billion.
The Yangon-Mandalay railroad is 385.5 miles long and it takes 14 hours. After completing of upgrading works, it is expected to cut travel time and only 8 hours will take place.