Yangon generates more wastes this year

Lwin Myo Thu


Environmental Conservation and Cleaning Department under Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) collects an average 2,500 tonnes of waste every day, said Than Myint Aung, a YCDC member, at an educative talk on the reduction and management of wastes, in Yangon on July 21.

“According to the nature of wastes, dry wastes are light, and wet wastes are heavy. In the hot season, Yangon produces 2,200-2,400 tonnes of waste. In the rainy season, the daily waste production amounts to 2,700 to 2,750 tonnes,” she added.

This year, the daily waste production has increased compared with 2,000 tonnes of waste last year. The per capita waste generation is 0.413 kg per person per day.

“There are 20 departments under the YCDC. Among them, Environmental Conservation and Cleaning Department is one of the busiest ones. Waste generation is so enormous that the department is unable to collect it effectively. Yangon produces more wastes. It becomes a major challenge. There are many challenges such as a shortage of workers and garbage collection vehicles,” she continued.