Thinbawkway village forced demolished

Thar Shwe Oo (Kispa), Than Hlaing
Caption: Social organizations donating necessary requirements and giving medical assistance to Thinbawkway villagers temporarily sheltering in Kyaukpantu village monastery.
Thinbawkway village in southern Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State was forced demolished and there are criticisms concerning the case.
Thinbawkway village in southern Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State and situated among Indin village tract. Nationals from 6 townships from Rakhine State came and resided there.
After an order issued for demolishing the village, people from township and district level administrative, police members, and fire brigade members were came there for removing the village and demolished the houses in the village.
“In my opinion, demolishing that village is destroying the mindset of national races that are going to reside in Maungdaw. National races including Rakhine nationals came and stayed there with the intention of protecting the area. We are doing our best but now we couldn’t do more. If there is national level protection for those come and stay there, West Region will be a developing place,” said Khin Maung Than, chairman of Rakhine National Party of Maungdaw Township.
MP Aung Thaung Shwe said that when he was reporting the case to Minister for Relief and Resettlement, the Minister replied that there was no plan to demolish the village. But Ministry of Home Affairs didn’t reply his question. He heard that this was the order given by regional level government. The villagers have right to live at the village although the village isn’t formally registered. That village was previously resided by Rakhine nationals. The demolishing the village is violating human rights and national races’ rights. Moreover, it is a rainy season and they use a lot of manpower in demolishing the village.
A villager from the Thinbawkway village temporarily residing in the Kyaukpantu village monastery said that it is impossible to stay in the monastery because soon it will be Buddhist lent season. It is very difficult to stay at the monastery with children. The villagers desired to relocate them in a higher land.