About 2700 women died in child birth, during pregnancy in Myanmar

Nay Rai, Zeya Tun
Caption: Vice-President Myint Swe delivered an address at the World’s Population Day on July 11 at Thigaha Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw.
In average, there are 2700 women died in child birth during pregnancy or during labour in Myanmar every year. Vice-President Myint Swe said these words at the World Population Day ceremony held in Thingaha Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw on July 11.
“Myanmar has the highest maternal mortality rate in Southeast Asia region and 282 mothers dying for every 100,000-child birth. Every year, about 2700 mothers died in Myanmar during child birth or in pregnancy. It is found that women between 15 to 19 years are the most susceptible to abortions and miscarriages,” said Vice-President Myint Swe.
In order to reduce the mortality rate of mothers and infants, awareness on mother and child protection programme should conduct consecutively, he continued.
In addition, he said that while carrying our mother and child protection works, family planning and reproductive health programme must be carried out to reach each and everyone. There are many modern approaches to reducing population growth and family planning is one of the most effective ones if done correctly, said the Vice President.
Implementing family health programme also provide the development of socio-economic lives of our country. It can also uplift the lives of men, women and children, reducing mortality rates of mothers and children, allow more women to enter the workforce and thus reduce poverty, ensure children receive adequate nutrition, ensure enough learning institutions are available for all children to receive education, and reduce spending on mother and child protection services.