Chairman of Arts and Crafts Association requests tax exemption due to stagnant market

Reported by EMG
As the marketing remains cool, government should allow tax exemptions to arts and crafts employing less 10 or less workers, said chairman of Myanmar Arts and Crafts Association (MRCA).
U Thardu, chairman of Myanmar Arts and Crafts Association (MRCA), has submitted a letter to Vice-president Myint Swe in regards to that matter, saying that there should be exemption or easing in taxes for a certain period of time until the market picks up again for the workshops to pay taxes.
He added that Myanmar arts and handicrafts products need to penetrate European and American markets with essential assistance from the government. Production rates will increase only if they get access to bigger markets. 
He also claimed that there was a need for arts and craft industry experts to discuss with relevant government ministries on state of matters three to four times per year.
At present, Myanmar’s arts and crafts industry faces almost extinction as a result of shortage of skilled workers and low demands.
U Thardu continued saying that a handicraft centre should be established for proper maintenance of quality and price  He suggested building a “handicraft village” instead of scattered pockets of workshops here and there.