Cheap internet packages only for promotion: Mytel

Nay Myo Tun

The fourth telecom operator, Mytel, said its cheap internet packages are only available within their promotional period.

The promotion period is from June 9 to September 8, it said. Monthly package prices are Ks800 for 1GB plan, Ks2,400 for 3GB plan, Ks3,500 for 5GB plan, Ks7,000 for 10GB plan, Ks13,500 for 20GB plan and Ks20,000 for 30GB plan.

Ananda 4G plus service provider charges Ks5,400 for 7.5GB plan per month, Ks10,000 for 15GB plan per month, Ks38,000 for 60GB plan for two months. Their prices differ from prices charged by Mytel only within a small margin.

“At the present, Mytel packages are cheap in compared to other operators. Previously, Ooredoo’s plans are cheaper but now I am using Mytel services as it is considerably cheap,” said a user.

Monthly data plans from Ooredoo are Ks699 for 500MB plan, Ks999 for 750MB plan, Ks1,499 for 1GB+150MB plan, Ks2,999 for 2GB+300MB plan, Ks4,999 for 3.5GB+350MB plan and Ks9,999 for 7GB+750MB plan.

MPT offers Ks 599 for 360MB plan, Ks899 for 666MB plan, Ks1,289 for 960MB plan, Ks2,399 for 1800MB plan, Ks3,999 for 3000MB plan and Ks7,899 for 6000 MB plan.

Likewise, Telenor users can apply for Ks699 for 400MB plan, Ks3,229 for 2GB plan, Ks6,540 for 4GB plan and Ks11,299 for 7GB plan.

“If it is possible, we would like to extend our promotion period. We don’t know whether we are allowed to extend it or not. We have plans to introduce other amazing promotions,” said an official from Mytel.