Yangon face squatter related challenges: mayor

San Htoo Aung & Pyae Phyo Aung


Many people moved to Yangon as it is a commercial hub of Myanmar and thus the city is facing challenges related with squatters and crimes, said Yangon mayor Maung Maung Soe in a region parliament session held on June 20.

“Yangon is the commercial hub of Myanmar and attracts people from across the country resulting in squatter issues. Population in Yangon had increased and traffic is congested. Crime rates had also increased,” he said.

He added that the challenges Yangon is facing was due to centrality as humans would naturally migrate where the green will be greener.

According to him, 33 townships located in inner area of Yangon are narrow in space and 11 townships in outer area of Yangon are wide in space. Yangon region has 10,239 square meters and the inner area has only 794 square meters. The outer area has 9,445 square meters.

“We are drawing a development project targeting those 11 townships. The development between the inner area and outer area is much different due to centrality. There is no conformity,” said the mayor.

Their intention is to modernize Yangon with international standards. Yangon region has 45 townships including Co Co Island Township. There are 33 townships under Yangon municipal area and 11 townships located outside the municipal area needed to be developed. Small and medium enterprises will be included in industrial zones implemented in 11 townships, he continued.

“I want to thank MPs as their advices and objections are intended for good deeds. Yangon region is earning 24 per cent of the country’s annual GDP and we have to make the lowest difference between the inner area and outer area of Yangon,” he said.

The region parliament approved and recorded the proposal to implement international standards industrial zones in the outer area of Yangon municipal area.