Mytel SIM card supports 2G and 4G only

Nay Myo Tun

Mytel SIM cards can only provide 2G network in 3G support handsets as they only support 2G and 4G networks, Mytel said.

Users criticized Mytel SIM cards are slower in 3G support handsets.

“It is true that the SIM cards only support 2G and 4G networks and we will release an announce in concerned with the issue. We decided not to provide 3G network to reduce the cost of building it. At the present, latest handsets models are supported 4G network,” Chief External Relations Officer Zaw Min Oo from the Mytel.

Mytel has no intention to build 3G network in the future and is planning to upgrade 4G network as their first priority.

At the present, there are about 6,000 base transceiver stations across the country and covered 72 per cent of total population in Myanmar. If the required base transceiver stations are finish built, 93 per cent of the population can use voice call and 60 per cent can use 4G data speed, said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services during a nationwide launching ceremony of Mytel.

Spokesperson of Mytel denied the news about Mytel is forcing family members of the army to use its SIM cards and services.