Ministry to take nationwide census in 2024


Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population says it plans to collect the interim-census in November 2019 and the nationwide census in 2024 according to Aye Lwin, acting permanent secretary of the ministry.

The Population Department collects the interim-census collection every five years. Government departments face difficulty due to lack of accurate data for development tasks.

“The department will compile the census in November 2019. But we will not do it under the manual system. Teachers took part in the 2014 nationwide census collection on paper so the department will form the census-taking teams with teachers. The sample regions and states will be taken. There will be more than 4,000 census blocks. We will give a teacher a tablet to collect data. All data will go to a connected server when data is put into the tablet. The census collection process will become faster and help us get more accurate data,” he added.

The Population Department is working to issue the lists of ethnics and to draft the national-level policy.