Clinics prepared for Bangladesh returnees

Ei Thinzar Kyaw
Medical staffs providing healthcare services in Rakhine State
YANGON- Clinics in and outside of repatriation camps and reception centers are being prepared for the returnees from Bangladesh to provide healthcare services, says Ministry of Health and Sports.
The ministry announced that it will ensure that health care is provided equally to people living in Rakhine State without racial, religion, gender or citizenship status discrimination.
They also said it will issue regulations to frontline health workers in order to provide equal healthcare in all hospitals and health care centers as well as mobile health care teams. They claim assurance that health facilities in all wards and villages are aware of the requirements to provide equal healthcare.
The announcements outlining the policy requiring equal treatment will also be hung in hospitals and healthcare centers in Rakhine State.
Moreover, the health ministry already formed medical teams for providing healthcare services at the repatriation camps in Taungpyoletwel, Ngakhura and temporary camps to be replaced in Dargyisar village.
The medical teams will be monitoring infectious diseases and minor patient treatments and then they will hand over the serious cases to the hospital after emergency treatments as well as providing healthcare services to the pregnant women and give children Polio and measles vaccinations.
The healthcare ministry also drew healthcare provision programs involving repatriation and accommodation for those looking to return to Rakhine State.
It also claimed that plans are already underway to acquire budget required to successfully carry out those plans.