Ministry warns against online gambling

Sithu Aung


Directorate of Telecommunications at the Ministry of Transport and Communications issued a statement warning that action will be taken against gambling on telecom networks and the general internet.

In the statement signed by Soe Thein, Director-General of Directorate of Telecommunications, the country sees the extension of online services as well as the rapid coverage of telecom network. Online gambling including Shan Koemi (Texas Hold’em variant) becomes rampant. These online gambling may undermine moralities of citizens and cost them.

The ministry has set rules for the enforcement of existing laws, orders and directives in the issuance of licenses to mobile operators and of Network Facilities Service (Class) licenses.

Mobile operators and NFS (C) license holders are warned not to directly or indirectly get involved in any unlawful works including online gambling. Actions will be taken against those who fail to abide by the laws in accord with existing laws.