A depression likely to occur in this month: DMH

Nay Won Htet
Trees fell down in downtown Yangon (Photo-Pyae Phyo Aung)


A low pressure area may form over Bay of Bengal from May 23 to 24 and further intensify into a depression on May 26, said Director General Dr Kyaw Moe Oo from Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH).

“There are conditions in which hot and cold air are circulating to form a low pressure area. It can form into a low pressure area within two days. We’d forecasted the possibility of the depression is about 60 to 70 per cent,” said the director general.

“The low pressure area may form in west middle area of Bay of Bengal and intensify into a depression. It will move along coastal regions of India. If so, storms in early rainy season will form not only in southeast areas but also in middle areas of Bay of Bengal. It will be a change in weather phenomenon and monsoon season,” said Meteorologist Chit Kyaw.

Dr Kyaw Moe Oo said southwest monsoon wind will enter southern areas of Myanmar from May 23 to 24 due to low pressure area and middle areas of Myanmar at the end of May. A depression occurred in Arabia Sea in second ten-day in May and anticyclone phenomenon in Bay of Bengal made southwest monsoon wind late in Myanmar.

The low pressure area will bring rainfall across the country and rain clouds usually occurring in early rainy season will continue to form.