Mingyi village relocated beside Maungdaw-Taungpyo road

Thar Shwe Oo (Kissapa)
Houses are being built in the new Mingyi village.
KITSAPA- Mingyi village, a place that suffers annual riverbank erosion in monsoon season and extremely difficult transportation, has been relocated beside of Maungdaw-Taungpyo road.
82 houses including schools and a monastery will be built in the new Mingyi village in cooperation with Sagaing Region Government Committee and Kayin State government.
The construction of the village started in November last year and will finish by the end of this year.
On May 13th, Saw Pyi Tha, Kayin State Environmental Conservation, Forestry, Mines and Transport Minister accompanied Bama Ethnic Affairs Minister Taza Htut to visit the construction site of 37 houses out of 82 for Rakhine ethnics in Mingyi village donated by the Kayin State Government Committee. The housing project is led by Saw Htay Myint Company.
Likewise, Kayin State Chief Minister Nan Khin Htwe Myint had visited the proposed site for construction of newly Mingyi village situated on November 30th last year and she encouraged the locals Rakhine ethnics.
Mingyi village is located beside Pyuma Creek in the northern part of Maungdaw Township and its livelihood depends on the water way. It is very difficult to cross the creek in the monsoon. Due to the shortage of land, some families moved to nearby villages. Now, 70 houses remain in the village. 
Plans are underway to implement new villages for Rakhinees including Mro, Khami, Dinet and Thet ethnicities.
The respective States and Regions are now providing funds needed for rehabilitation of Maungdaw Region, Rakhine State and are now building housing for the ethnics.