Skilled Myanmar workers living abroad invited to job offers at home

Saw Yi Nanda

Skilled Myanmar workers living abroad can have many opportunities to return to their homeland and work, according to a statement released by

Domestic companies are willing to appoint Myanmar citizens for a variety of posts, especially management and higher management level posts, says the statement.

“We have found that they (local companies) have appointed more Myanmar workers for the posts ranging from manager to superior levels. They now have the opportunity to work in their homeland without relying on foreign jobs. This is why invited them,” said Public Relations Manager Hmu Zaw Ein of

More than 50,000 Myanmar citizens left within the past three months to work abroad, according to monthly employment figures released by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

From January to March this year, there were 50,500 workers who left Myanmar in order to work in foreign countries and with most of them being in the neighbouring Thailand.