Emergency ward of Yangon General Hospital to open during Thingyan

Ei Thinzar Kyaw
Emergency ward (Photo-Kyi Naing)


Specialist outpatient ward and other outpatient wards of Yangon General Hospital (YGH) will be closed from April 13 to 17 and reopened on April 18, according to the YGH.

The emergency ward will be opened 24 hours a day during Thingyan period and number of staff, workers and medicines will be assigned and arranged double for the increasing number of patients in the holiday period. The medicines are stored from mid March in advance for the busy period.

A total of 752 patients admitted to the YGH during 2017 Thingyan period and about 300 of them had suffered injuries from traffic accidents. Ten people were dead in the holiday period in 2017, according to the YGH.

In 2016, 860 people admitted to the YGH and three people were dead in the Thingyan period. A total of 730 people admitted to the YGH and five people were dead in 2015 Thingyan period and over 690 people admitted to the YGH and ten people were dead in 2014 Thingyan period respectively, according to Ministry of Health and Sports.