Ministry promises ‘generous rewards’ for antiques

People will get “generous rewards” for turning in antiques to the authorities, according to the Ministry of Religion and Culture.

Four village people submitted 149 supposed silver coins to the government in Minkone village, Mandalay Region, on February 21.

Another village woman reported 71 similar coins on February 28.

Likewise, a resident of Taninthayi Region entrusted apparently ancient beads to the Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library in March.

The department’s director-general Kyaw Oo Lwin said the coins and beads were probably from the Pyu civilisation, judging from the emblems on the coins and fashion of the beads.

The people who submitted the antiques were rewarded millions of kyat.

The department usually assesses the value of antiques based on their current market prices and craftsmanship.